Regret…a hollow shell, a black a hole, a void. The destination of every dream, every desire that is not followed by action. Unrealized goals will drag like chains…weighing you down at the point you realize there‚Äôs no more time to cultivate fruit from your desired ambitions. In a moment, a surge of pain immerses you. Why did I not do more? You ponder. I had so much time, and so much opportunity, yet I let my life go to waste. This guilt eats you alive from the inside out. You realize this misery stems from the very pursuit to not feel pain, from the very act of playing it safe, from the arrogant assumption that failure only results in agony instead of growth.


The only pain worth fearing.


So many inner desires. Such a lack of confrontation. Thoughts pile up slowly, sitting there ready to manifest into a tangible reality. But then… silence. Just me and my thoughts. Suddenly, a rush of mental revelations transpire, clarity forms on the horizon, and I begin to GROW.

Fuel for the introspective.