Stop Trying To Think Outside the [], Embrace It.

Stop Trying to Think Outside the [], Embrace It.

My whole life I’ve always been told to think outside the box, to be creative. Now, if you’re like me, you struggled with this. I could never force myself to think outside the box. Whatever that meant. So I labeled myself as a non-creative. I was strictly a logical, reasonable, analytical kid. I couldn’t think “outside of the box” to save my life.

Fast forward a few years and I started getting really motivated by the pursuit of entrepreneurship. The burning desire to solve problems and make the lives of others easier while simultaneously delving into my passions grew. It was appealing, to say the least.

But UH-OH, just one major problem. Don’t you have to be able to think outside of the box to solve problems nobody else can?

Maybe. Maybe not. That’s not the point.

After I became motivated to launch a career as an entrepreneur I became obsessed with innovative case studies. I listened to podcast after podcast, read book after book, biography after biography. I studied the science of entrepreneurship. I wanted to find the interlinks between all the great cases. At what point did real innovation happen? Oddly enough I found the answer.

I realized that in every case that true innovation struck (and at a rapid rate), the individual or team thought inside the box…well kinda. Let me explain.

Simply put, constraints are the birthplace of innovation.

Rapid innovation occurs when individuals are forced to innovate. When an individual has no money, no resources, no knowledge, no nothing…they are forced to pave a way. It is this mountain of restraint that conjures the will power necessary to elevate into innovation. Creativity can be forced. In fact, it almost always is. If there were no restraints, there would be no reason for someone to innovate. They could buy the solution that already exists, the one that’s allowed no restraints to exist in the first place.

These restraints are the box. In order to innovate and “think outside of the box”, you must embrace the restraints that are currently holding you back. The sooner you embrace the box you are in, the more clear your restraints become. The more clear your restraints, the easier it is to see around them.

To try and randomly jump outside of the box is painfully difficult for most. It is much easier to get out when you are forced out. Forced out by your constraints and your vision on the other side. So if you are an entrepreneurial minded individual ready to solve some problems, take a good look around. Get a clear picture of your surroundings and embrace the box that you’re in. It’s time to innovate.