The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

Do you know when you have those days where you feel on top of the world? What about those days that you feel not so on top of the world? We all experience both. Life has its ups and downs and that’s what keeps it interesting.

Well, I have recently gone through one of those downs I just mentioned. This down was not external, rather completely internal. I conjured this negative spiral from deep within me and I became the victim of it. But I overcame it — there’s always an up after the down. The tension within me that I fell victim to could be categorized as self-doubt. I was constantly thinking I wasn’t doing enough, that I wasn’t smart enough, that I was all talk and no walk. I felt hollow and like a fake. But then I realized something. Whether I think I can do something or I think I can’t…I am right. You see…you are what you repeatedly do. If I repeatedly think negatively about myself, I will become a negative version of myself. The analogy that comes to mind is when you are driving. When you’re behind the wheel what do you do? You keep your eyes on the road… but why? Well, you need to see where you are going. But on a deeper level, you go where your eyes go. Have you ever noticed that when you look off to the side of the road your car starts slowly drifting in the same direction you are looking? Well, that’s because you go where your eyes go.

Now back to my point, which I haven’t made yet, so I will make it now.

You are in control of your future.

How do I know that? Well, it’s simple: you go where your focus is. If you stay laser-focused on a certain outcome, you will achieve that outcome eventually. If you don’t, maybe you tricked yourself into thinking you were looking in that specific direction but you weren’t, or maybe you didn’t keep a laser-focus and diverted your gaze in another direction every now and again.

So back to my self-doubt I mentioned earlier. Once I realized this key component of goal-setting, I realized that I must replace these negative thoughts with positive ones. Now that might seem like a “Duh” statement, but hear me out. The reason I replaced the negative thoughts with positive ones was not to psych myself out of self-pity. It wasn’t to lie to myself to make myself feel better and not actually grow. In reality, I replaced these thoughts to bring my attention back into focus. I had just diverted my gaze slightly, and doubt set in. Instead of being defeated by this doubt, I used it as a tool. I let the harsh reality that I haven’t achieved my goals yet catapult me back into the game with laser-focused vision. I didn’t lie to myself…I reminded myself. I reminded myself that I am capable, that I am worthy, that I can do it…because I said so. I determine my future by wielding the power of focus.

So what are your goals? Do you think you can reach them?

Whether You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t, You’re Right.

Just Focus.